Transatlantika operates as an independent publishing house. This allows us to publish our own research, opinion pieces, and other contributions while maintaining full control over our content and design.

While we predominantly publish our own work, we are open to taking on new authors who seek an independent, cutting-edge publisher. If you are interested in working with us as an author, please connect

Our first major publication is Why Trump? The book is part of a three-volume series, entitled The Crisis of the West. The motivating intuition or hypothesis is that the increasing polarization, fragmentation, and radicalization of Western societies are not reduceable to national idiosyncrasies. Instead, they represent part of larger, international development that threatens the very existence of the norms, principles, and values that provide the foundation of Western democracy. In order to investigate this hypothesis and examine both cross-national similarities, but also differences, Part II of the series will deal with Germany and the rise of the rightwing populist party Alternative for Germany (Why AfD?), while Part III of the series will ask the question Why Brexit? in the United Kingdom.

More information about our first book Why Trump? can be found here:

We will also provide regular updates on the progress of our work on Part II and III on our website.

Why Trump? – Book Release Event