Transatlantika is a social-benefit company that was co-founded by Sonja Niemeier and Tim Luecke in 2020. We are a growing network of scholars, artists, experts, academics, students, and other engaged citizens who pursue the mission of promoting transatlantic cooperation and of developing creative solutions to the Crisis of the West.

We understand the “West” not as a culturally homogenous group or as a geographically confined area, but as a set of normative principles and values, such as human rights, the rule of law, and the freedom of expression – values that provide the basis for a free and dignified life for everyone. These values also constitute the normative basis for transatlantic cooperation, which in turn is a prerequisite for effectively addressing today’s global challenges.

Solving the Crisis of the West is of paramount importance if we want to preserve the values and principles that we cherish and if we want to effectively tackle the challenges that this world faces in the decades to come. The vision that motivates our work is a world where the West lives up to its promises – where human rights, the rule of law, freedom of speech, equality and justice are not just mere talk, but are respected and available to all. Realizing this vision requires the new generation of change. We are that generation.

Transatlantic cooperation to us is not just a matter of bringing politicians and experts from both sides of the Atlantic together. We believe that it is just as important to strengthen the cultural and societal bonds that have developed between us over time. While we therefore operate in some ways as a think tank that develops and provides expertise, we also host cultural events, organize networking, and promote the work of artists, musicians, DJs, and other cultural actors.

Transatlantika – An Introduction