The Hub

Our goal with Transatlantika is to promote transatlantic cooperation and to connect people from both sides of the Atlantic. Surely, we are not the only ones pursuing this goal. There are dozens of NGOs, think tanks, political foundations, and other networks who are engaged in this type of work. Many, if not most of them, also provide free content, organize events of all sorts, or publish their work in one medium or another. Keeping track of all that output and being able to stay on top of all those activities is a time-consuming endeavor.

We have therefore decided to create a one-stop solution for you so that you can stay up to date on all that is going on in the transatlantic community. We call this one-stop solution “The Hub,” which consists of our main website and the event calendar. The landing site serves as a content-aggregator where we will post the newest and, in our opinion, most interesting content published by our partners and organizations that have given us permission to share their material. The calendar will show you upcoming events and provide you with links to register for those events. Instead of hopping from website to website in order to know what is going on in the transatlantic space, from now on you can just come here to Transatlantika – the network of networks.